Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The learning curve

It took me a long while to get to know our property. We removed trees and cleared brush and debris, rediscovered old stone walls. The place was changing. When we cleared a large level space near the back of the yard, I was happy to have the 'perfect' spot for a production garden. Not in the way of entertaining friends or children playing. Not unsightly as production gardens can be....

I spent 4 seasons working the soil, learning what grows (potatoes! green beans!) and what doesn't (tomatoes).

Yet only this spring did I realize the full extent what 'choose your garden site wisely' really means.

These two pictures were taken on the same day. My old garden is still covered in snow. The site of my new garden was dry for several weeks and has small green sprouts peeking out of the gray grass. A lesson learned. Observe! Take a while to get to know your place! 

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