Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's growing in the garden?

Before I put together another fiber craft post (tomorrow! I promise!), take a little tour of the garden right now, after the rains subsided. 
 The herbs are going strong, though something (someone???) picked at my parsley. Grrrrr!

 Strawberries - out of my three patches, one is being robbed blind by chipmunks, the others are doing great! The purple pole beans have found their tripod and are about to bloom.

 First cucumber and squash.

 This is climbing malabar spinach. It's an experiment - looking fairly healthy but S.L.O.W. to grow!

 The ribes - I stalk them daily! Gooseberries and red currents, soooo close!

Pea pods, and potato flowers. Interestingly, the purple potatoes flower in white and the plain potatoes flower in purple!

 Early raspberries are setting fruit, the later ones are in bloom.

 Two varieties of highbush blueberries looking incredible this year.
Purple passion orach and Red Flash orach - both experiments and meant to be spinach substitutes. Slow to grow but pretty for sure!

 Fine looking tomatoes, with a side of basil and marigold.

And finally - no more egg tossing. We're back in the egg business. 

What's growing in your backyard, farm, homestead? Leave a link in the comments for us to see!


  1. Looks like your garden is doing well and you will be able to reap the benefits soon.

  2. You will be eating well soon!

  3. Lovely garden. And I'm jealous over the beautiful eggs. I'm hoping for chickens next year.

    1. Take the plunge, you'll love it! Even just a few of them make for lovely company!

  4. lovely gardening,great ideas. thanks

  5. Your is looking great. Mine seems so slow....So far a few cherry tomatoes and one green pepper. I think I can harvest a few more tomatoes tonight. Boy... I wish it would hurry up but have sooo much more planting to do.


    Cottage Making Mommy