Thursday, June 20, 2013

Three Native Shrubs with Edible Berries

After our trip to the Garden in the Woods, and speaking to a friend about our quest for native, edible plants and shrubs (isn't it sometimes funny that when you're ready for a particular idea, you come across it via several avenues?) I was inspired to purchase three shrubs that each produce edible berries and are suitable for a part-shade location like ours. I'm writing this post in part to keep the information together for myself, but I think it might be of interest to other in the Northeast! So here we go, my new friends in the far back of the yard (from left to right): 

One serviceberry:

One black chokeberry: 

And one spikenard: 


For now I'm hoping that none of them are deer food, but next year, I hope to see some flowers and berries (though likely it'll take another 2 growing seasons).

The Self Sufficient HomeAcreGreen-Thumb-Thursday-Sunflower-300x300 

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  1. I would like to try growing serviceberries on our homestead. Thank you for sharing this post on the HomeAcre Hop. We'd love to have you back today: