Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden in the Woods

We took a little field trip today, to a place that is close to my heart, called Garden in the Woods. It's a shady refuge from the world, tucked away in an unassuming corner of Framingham, MA. A great place to learn about the native flora and fauna, with several thematic areas, a little lily pond, and now, a brand-new children's area that we really loved. The lovely team there had put together scavenger hunts for the kids, that were very age appropriate and fun for them. Even the 2-year-old was very intent on making it through her whole sheet!

At the lily pond. We talked about the tails on the small frogs, and how they tell us that we've just seen 'something very young' (a check on their scavenger hunt!).

The pitcher plants had fantastic blooms and traps for foliage. An opportunity to discuss the myriad of strategies that plants employ to attract pollinators and in this case, prey.

The brand-new and very creative children's area

So much to see, so much to do! And their shop is amazing, too. Many locally crafted items, a great selection of books for adults and children, and a well stocked nursery of native plants. I ended up taking home three native shrubs that produce edible berries, stay tuned until I tell you more. I even talked to the retail manager there about potentially selling homemade soaps.... is that too big of an ambition? She seemed very receptive and wants samples....



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  1. Hi, Katha, ich bin ganz weg, was alles du deinen Toechtern -und auch dir? - alles bietest.