Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today, we're activists

It doesn't come all that natural to me to go out there and demonstrate. To paraphrase Bill McKibben: I'd rather take a hike in the woods. But I had the opportunity to go and help protest the Keystone XL pipeline today, as President Obama was drawing a crowd to support Ed Markey's campaign and I'm glad we went.
I met a few fellow moms... always a treat to click right away with likeminded individuals. The 2yo felt the same about their children ... assembled a good size crowd. I met two very nice women from the Markey campaign and our local representative Alice Peischl was paying us a visit, too. Beyond our own protest, I was incredibly impressed with the thousands of people waiting patienly, hoping for a chance at a ticket to see President Obama. We can't stay late enough to wait for his arrival, but it felt right today to leave our home, and go out to engage with the world!

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