Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's growing?

My first 'what's growing' post of the year! And look: 

Cherry tree needs pruning

Garlic sprouts!

Winter sowed kale is sprouting!
Seedlings under the grow lights doing well.

More seedlings.

Mint! Always first to come back in the herb garden.

2 kinds of chives and the reliable lemon balm coming back
 Only the beginnings, and only the beginnings of busy season. We're raking the leaves off the beds that were used as a winter mulch. We're turning the compost, hoping willing it to be ready in a few weeks to get the beds ready for planting. We're getting ready for baby chick season. Eeeek! Fluffballs! Coming up! 

I'll close with pictures from my first trail run of the year:

My pace crew. Faster and prettier than me.


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  1. Your seedlings look awesome. I love poking around the yard and seeing what is starting to wake up- like your chives and lemon balm!