About This One Good Life

Everyone of us is given one life to live. How to make it good? What does 'good' even mean? Good for us, for the world, for our families and friends? What does 'living the good life' mean to me? More questions than answers, and I suspect any answer I come to won't be final anyway. But a few ideas have stuck around for long enough now that I feel like it's worth sharing them. 
The more I live, the more I realize that my personal definition of the 'good life' involves spending more time with my people and less at a desk. Spending more of my money in ways that make my family's life truly better and the world a better place, and less on things that marketing professionals tell me I 'need'. I like to repurpose old things, and to DIY on things others might buy. I love the process of making.
My one good life involves eating good food, and knowing that all the farming, processing and transporting it took to produce it are all part of the 'recipe'. Good food is food that nourishes us, our soil and land, our farmers, our artisans. You'll find recipes here based on seasonally available produce, and ideas how to make the bounty last well into the dark months.
I care very deeply about our environment. I try hard to live more sustainably and more simply. I mostly fail, and feel disappointed with how hard it is to do better. A community of like-minded people, if it grows large enough, is the only way to make the real changes happen. Changes to our food system, our infrastructure and transportation systems.
What has been incredibly eye-opening to me is that the more I learn about the impact of our lifestyle on the planet, the more I realize that fighting the looming environmental catastrophe is the biggest social justice issue of our time. I'm hoping to work on occasional in-depth blog posts that will illustrate this connection. For now, I'll remember that the one good life is one that can sustainably be shared by all humankind.


  1. I nominated you for a Liebster award! You can check it out on my webpage http://makingoursustainablelife.com/liebster-from-me-to-you Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so very much! I have not seen you nomination until now!