In no particular order, these are some books that I have read recently that stuck with me.

A Book of Bees: And How to Keep Them   
MBW_full Shrinking The Cat Pa Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a World of Relentless Surveillance

The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age

Thomas Seeley: "Honeybee Democracy" (I just love the cover art, but the book is worth opening up!)

Nancy Turner: "These is my words" and sequels

Jennifer Worth: "Call the Midwife" and sequels

Andrew Solomon: "Far from the Tree"

Jennifer Kolari: "Connected Parenting"

Remo Largo: "Kinderjahre" and "Babyjahre"

Marie Sherlock: "Living Simply with Children"

Caroline Hosmann: "Naturkinder"

Wendy Tremayne: "The Good Life Lab"

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