Monday, October 28, 2013

Back to the grind

This is my recent import. My mom allowed me to pick through the stuff left to us by my late Oma, and I was able to fit this rather solid coffee grinder into my suitcase. OK, so I may or may not have bought a new suitcase for the sole purpose of filling it with more memorabilia. 
First thing we ground some brown rice, to clean the insides of the mill. That was hard! Then we filled it with coffee beans and the kids went to town. 


Make me happy that I now have a much-less-noisy coffee grinder than the little electric one I have. Also, I might dedicate the electric one to spice-use only, and be reminded of my Oma every morning as I grind my coffee. (Why do I grind my coffee every morning? Because I buy whole bean fair trade, organic coffee that is available only in 5 lbs bags. That way it keeps its flavor while I work my way through it ...)


  1. Just wake your kids up early and have them grind the coffee. Nothing a little child labor can't solve ;)

    1. They get up before me anyway - I like the way you think (and that you can now comment!)