Saturday, November 30, 2013

And so we wait ...

Christmastime is always a time when the cultures clash - two spouses with vastly different family traditions. The values of the liturgical season, called Advent, at total contradiction with what is going on in the world. Around us is not a time of quiet reflection, spiritual preparation and simplicity - it's a time of acquisition, rush and stress.

“Advent: the time to listen for footsteps — you can’t hear footsteps when you’re running yourself.”
— Bill McKibben

In this household, one of the big debates is always 'When will we put up the christmas tree?'. We usually hold out until the middle of advent, as a compromise. For the next two or so weeks, however, we will still have something to look at and be reminded of the season: This year's advent wreath is not a wreath at all, but a set of logs, cut to order by the talented woodworker husband. My middle daughter helped me adorn them with mostly natural materials - we had some ivy, moss, pressed leaves, dried rosehips and some evergreen twigs. And big pine cones! Add just a touch of sparkle and put it all into the lid of a large cookie tin - done. It is the centerpiece at the dining table and the kids like counting down, as we light one more candle every Sunday until Christmas.


  1. How beautiful and what a wonderful tradition to start!

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  3. I am very fond of offering four candles - especially in this very personal design.
    But according to my opinion it is not really important what type of decoration is installed - but it is relevant what we associate with the very individually traditioned symbols: The last four weeks before Christmas are a time of preparation. Therefore the increasing number of lit candles is a very helpful signal. The candles symbolize the hope for the coming of Christ. But the success of his arrival nevertheless depends on our own awareness that he is with us - and that we therefore manage results before not expected to be possible.