Thursday, June 12, 2014

Garden Survey

This week is nuts between music recitals, gymnastic shows, preschool graduation and assorted other end-of-year activities. There. See? I said the word activity. It never means anything wholesome or fun. I'm planning to avoid the A-word all summer long.

Here's a long overdue garden update in pictures. The spring has been soooo slow for me, especially in the cucurbit section. We're only just getting the first strawberries to turn pink, at least 2 weeks later than last year. But hey, the garlic is going strong and the wait for scapes should be almost over now...

The snap peas are about 3-4 feet tall, and have no flowers. Spontaneous potatoes have cropped up, indicating that I did a poor job digging them up last season. I'll take it, though, potatoes sans the work.

Promises, promises, on the berry front:

Gooseberries looking good. 

Red currants looking - well - eaten. By whom, you wonder? They are so sour when green!

Lots of strawberries are setting in the back patch where I didn't get a single one last year. Maybe the new and improved fencing has helped... Blueberries are looking OK, but not as nice as last year. The later bush has sub-par pollination, must have rained at the wrong time :-(

These peonies are my favorite.

The first tomato flowers on a Sungold plant, gifted by a friend. Baby kale and dward marigolds, too.
The 'three sister' planting of corn, beans and squash. The beans are ahead of the game and needed stakes because the corn is not tall enough yet! 

Fraises de bois (wild strawberries) make an excellent groundcover. They also feed the chipmunks which feed the .... wait. Chipmunks are fairly useless to me and I wish I could still keep cats...

The pullets are growing rapidly and spend their days outside now. The enormous comb and wattle on 'Cuckoo' have us a little worried, but so far we haven't seen any struttin'..... or other boy-ish behavior. 

Built some trellis while I had a nail gun on loan from a friend (really meant to assemble bee hive frames but that is a separate update...). 

The preschool class planting pumpkin seeds so the incoming class in fall will have pumpkins. 

Dragonfly hunting is a lifelong pursuit, not an activity. A certain member of this family plans on doing it full-time this summer.

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