Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bread Box! Finally!

I'm really in a good groove now with baking most of our bread, and I do so almost daily. I made 3 small baguettes at a time, and found a tupper bin that just about houses them. But it takes up so much room on my very limited counter!

Then inspiration struck - I need the top to be a cutting board. And instantly, I gain back my counterspace! The husband was uncharacteristically excited and swift in the execution - turns out he had a salvaged piece of mahogany sitting around that he was itching to use up. He planed it down to remove all previous stains, polish and dents, then oiled it with food-safe walnut oil. Isn't it pretty? He fit it perfectly into the little lip on the outside of the tupper lid, so that it stays in place, but comes out for cleaning really easily at the same time.

This bread box is now one of the little things that make me happy when I use it every day.