Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Somehow we own about 24,497 hats in this house, yet on those mornings when I'm trying to get the kids ready, the 'just right' ones could never be found. Of course the solution is to knit two more hats, doesn't that make perfect sense? 


I followed these directions and then modified them a bit for size. I knitted the bottom half in a double strand of grey wool from our local farm and a multicolored alpaca that adds a bit of softness, plus it brings the wool up to about bulky weight, which is what I used to knit the top half.
Crochet around the outside to create a more finished look, then lined the inside with fleece. The lining doesn't do all the way up, just around the head and is about 3 inches tall (plus the earflaps). I handstitched that in, then applique'd the flower leaves with the sewing machine. The flower petals are held in simply with a button that I attached using strong embroidery floss.

So far the hats are enjoying favorite status, and I do hope it stays that way til winter's end... that must be close now, yes? 


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