Monday, February 24, 2014

Cherry Pit Warming Pillow

In my family, I'm notorious for starting projects and then never finishing them. I disagree! I just sometimes have a bit of a 'maturing' phase built in. Yeah, so sometimes, that's years. I have that in common with good scotch.
One of those projects needed to be finished today - I woke up with a massive kink in my neck that is so painful and did not respond well to exercise. Then I remembered the bag of cherry pits that was sitting around since our enormous cherry jamming session last summer. I had washed, boiled, washed some more, and then dried those pits. And then put them in a paper bag and forgot all about them....

Today, the pain in my neck reminded me, and I found a piece of my favorite flannel, and said brown paper bag. As so often, finishing this particular project took only a few minutes (you can see I machine stitched the pillow closed, I wasn't going to rely on hand-stitching to keep the cherry pits in place reliably) and now I'm sitting on the sofa with warm cherry pits soothing my sore spot. Aaahhh.

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  1. I have one of these pillows too but with corn!!! It is fabulous and stays warm for hours. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday!

  2. Great this. Found you from Etsy. xx