Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring is for hard work, high hopes and big dreams

I'm only a suburban gardener and even so, spring is intense every year. The cute baby chicks have turned into scraggly pullets and would really be better off outside. Alas they're not big enough for the coop, so how to keep them safe in their temporary tractor home?

Installing some electric fencing is high on my list since a recent and deadly visit by a raccoon. Can't wait to zap that one...

The seeds are sprouting now, and the work of preparing and planting will now be followed by weeding and mulching. We are finding blossoms even on our newest fruit trees, signs of hope!
red currants

lettuce, chard, snap peas
cherry blossoms
And when we visit the neighborhood farms for milk, produce and entertainment, the dreams fly high! Maybe one day, small dairy cow? Or a sheep for wool? Finishing pigs for bacon?

One day, one day ....

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