Sunday, May 18, 2014

A frugal use for leftover pie crust

Just a little bit of a recipe today that I figured out recently (after we made knotweed pie!). Some of us are having a hard time throwing things away. Especially food! This can take a turn for the grotesque in my family (hi mom!), but most of the time, I just try to avoid waste in the first place.
So when the pie recipe says to cut the top crust to shape and toss the 'clippings', yeah, well. Not gonna happen. So here's what you can do instead:

Combine leftover crust and re-roll. Yeah, I know, not flaky, yadda yadda yadda. IMO, if you haven't overworked the original batch of crust, it's fine to do once.

Peel and core half an apple, and dust all sides with cinnamon sugar. Be generous. A dab of butter stuck in the hole in the middle wouldn't have hurt, either, but I was rushed.

Wrap ends of crust around the apple, and if there aren't gaps, make some slits for venting. Bake with your pie, for about 35 minutes. 

Tastes great with vanilla ice cream, especially to those people who think the crust is the best part of a pie (aka not me)!

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