Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunrise at Walden Pond

My friend Steve proposed opening the season at Walden at Sunrise. Because the worse the idea, the more inclined I am to get excited about it, I said 'sure, see you at 6am'. It was gorgeous out, the weather people have no idea what they're doing lately. We parked in between two 'No Parking' signs on the road, because the gate was closed still. Henry David would have been proud! 
We donned our wetsuits and went to have a heart attack upon sticking our toes in, then decided to stick close to the shoreline for this one. We swam a lot of 'granny style' because the water was just so cold in our faces. Which was actually nice, because we could chat and catch up after this damn long winter. And we could see the gorgeous, lonely pond. And we could see when each other's lips were turning blue and our chins started to quiver, and decided to call it done. The best start to the day ..... forgotten is the lack of sleep I've been accumulating, the headache from yesterday. I drove home in the bright sunlight and it's only 7 and the day is full of promise..... Ah, summer!


  1. Just think, in a few months Walden will be like a bathtub! My husband likes to do early morning swims there too... but not for a while yet... you were brave!

  2. Hi! I had to smile when I saw this post as I am reading" Walden " right now. Greetings from Ohio!

    1. You should visit! there is a replica of his little house near the Pond. It's really neat.

    2. I would love to see it! I think I will put a visit on my list of things to see and get it planned!

      Have a great Mother's day!