Thursday, May 29, 2014


I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for a Haven bee update. All three of you. Well, on Wednesday there was nothing much to report because it was in the fifties here, and very rainy. Predictably, the bees sat tight and did nothing, and we (Jarrett, the artist, Sam from the DeCordova, as well as us four local beekeepers who are helping out) decided to follow their example.

This morning, the air was warming up and the day was sunny and full of promise. I went out there at 9:30 to check, and saw a bit of buzzing in the installer, but no traffic out of the top entrance of the white hive body. After a short run on the gorgeous trails near the DeCordova, I returned to little change and decided to come back later in the day. 

After picking up the two littles, we returned to the sculpture park to have lunch. A picnic at the DeCordova is always a wonderful idea, if you're in the area! At this point, quite a few bees were moving through the hive body and exiting at the top entrance, some came back to enter at the top as well. Alas, until 5pm, there was still a good size cluster in the installer, telling us that Her Majesty, the queen, had not walked into the hive body yet. 


So it's been a day of full time waiting and patience, not exactly my strong suit. We will return in the morning to try a few more beekeepers' tricks to lure the bees into the hive, if they haven't moved in when we show up.  It's a real cliff hanger!

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