Monday, May 5, 2014

They grow so fast...

Baby chicks that is. We're left with 11, the 8 I had planned on and the three freebies from Murray McMurray. No idea if they gave us roosters.... no signs of any boy-ness yet. 

They stank up my sewing studio, which is seeing a little more use these days, and needed fresh water every 10 minutes because they were so crammed and bored. Time to devise a new home for them! 

Only 5 left mid-move.... imagine 11 in there!
The handy husband put together a square corral of sorts, blessed be his hoarding tendencies because he had the material just lying around. Old window screens have always served us well as a breathable top cover. A scrounged piece of 1/4in plywood made the bottom. My oldest was very concerned with the chicks getting cold feet. She is right. Chickens detest to walk on cold ground. 

A little woodworking lesson for the younger two produced a baby roost, and we upgraded the feeder and waterer. Voila! Everyone is happier now. I started the 3-week-old chicks on a bit of parakeet grit so that we can start introducing them to dirt and bugs soon, too. 


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