Thursday, September 5, 2013


I found myself on the first day of gymnastic lessons unable to locate a leotard that would fit the 3yo gymnastics newbie. That won't do! I considered a trip to a certain big box store, we'll call it Tarjay. It's a few miles away and I dread the whole experience of shopping there. From past experience, I recall very little choice of colors. The gymnastics center's prices are beyond what I think is reasonable. Plus the babee insisted on 'pink and blue, it has to be pink and blue'.
Enter the internet and my embarrassingly large fabric stash. I was able to instantly obtain a PDF pattern that was just what I wanted, and had pink 4-way stretch fabric left from some old halloween costumes (gratuitous picture alert, it's almost costume time, after all! Ignore the model's attitude if you would...), plus some blue cotton velours that is just so soft.

Two hours later, I had a leotard, but not only that, I had only spent $8 (when have you ever walked out of Tarjay for $8???), no children had labored over stitching the seams, and I have learned some valuable new sewing skills that will enable me to make leotards for all three girls down the road.

I'm sometimes asked 'how do you have time to do all that you do?'. I think the time spent sewing was pretty similar to the time it takes to drive out for the errand, plus the kids were able to play in the backyard instead of bickering in the car or store. To me, that's convenience, not hard work! And I've made some progress overcoming my fear of sewing stretchy fabrics, which may enable me to try my hand at that cute tunic in the latest Ottobre.....

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