Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hunting Day!

This morning we went treasure hunting in the potato fields. I had a lot of help, and a lot of fun!
The red potatoes we planted were sure to produce big tubers and a lot of them per hill.
The mix we harvested does in no way represent the mix we planted. I planted two kinds of yellow potatoes. I had pulled a few of each earlier in the season, so I know they grew. Today, however, there were none of one variety left, and only 2 hills of the other. I had found a few of them rotting 2 weeks ago, but didn't have time to dig right then. The purple potatoes also seem to have dwindled in numbers per hill.... the red ones are good keepers in the ground in comparison! I wish I knew the exact varieties, I will be better in writing that down next year!
Proud hunter-gatherer and her bounty!
The purple ones actually have purple flesh that stays purple after cooking (tastes like a regular potato, but is more fun to eat!). I am going to try those again, if just for variety!
Now we're off to the feedstore for some winter rye as a cover crop.


  1. Strange that the potatoes rotted. It's been so dry. I still have to dig one bed, I hope I didn't leave it for too long. I LOVE potatoes!

  2. Nice potatoes. They always taste so good. This is the 1st year that I've managed to keep a good garden journal. I think it'll help immensely when we plan our planting next year. Also where we made mistakes! My Kennebec potatoes did great in one garden but the Pontiac reds and Kennebec in another area didn't do as well.

    1. Missy, I'm definitely learning that the 'where' is as important as the 'what' in the garden! That said, I want to plant Nicola next year, a yellow salad potato.