Thursday, September 26, 2013

Farming vicariously

On Thursdays, we go pick up our CSA share. The local farm offers a fall-and-into-winter share that is perfect for me as the gardening in my shady, cold spot winds down and they keep producing gorgeous crops on their sunny fields. (It couldn't possibly be their skill and expertise that make the difference, could it?). So we get to go and be farmers in spirit, and the kids get to help out and learn in their 'open farmyard' program. 
Harvesting popcorn
The education staff is amazing, and I learn something every time I go, too. I took pictures of these nifty hanging planters because I want to reinforce our fence and do this with some old wool blankets next year. Isn't it brilliant? And look at those gorgeous eggplants and peppers: 

A straggling tomato hornworm (aka 'tomato monster') doomed by wasp larvae feasting on him.

Julie was enthusiastically watering the herbs. See those pants? They're the famous 'Quick Change Trousers' by Anna Maria Horner, and I just spent my morning extending the pattern in length and cutting 3 more pairs for Julie's fall wardrobe.

I just loved this rainbow made of kale varieties, with the foliage beginning to turn in the background. Fall is glorious in these parts, isn't it?

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