Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bread Pudding

Suppose, hypothetically, you were totally enthusiastic about bread baking, yet a little challenged by the minor details such as baking times. Of course, this is a story that happened to my friend's cousin's neighbor, I would never over-bake this wonderful baguette - nooo! Not I! But just in case this terrible fate were to befall you, too, I've got you covered: Bread Pudding.

I took this recipe pretty much the way it was, except I did 5/8 of the amount due to the amount of bread and eggs I was working with. The result was pretty custard-y, and I might use a bit more bread next time, but the caramel sauce in the bottom is really genius. It reminds me of those glorious little cups of flan I used to eat as a kid during our summers in France. You had to pop the flan out of the plastic cup and the caramel sauce would run all over it. Same concept here, same glorious sweetness and juiciness. I will, however, now get a LOUD timer for the kitchen so that I can post more about my new found fondness of sourdough baguette. Just as soon as I stop over-baking them.

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