Thursday, January 16, 2014

January Jailbreak

The chickens are beyond relieved to be able to go stretch their legs in this warm spell. It's a soggy mess but it sure beats being cooped up under several feet of snow ... quite literally.

I was at the feed store yesterday, planning the arrival of my next set - thinking I'll raise six this year, after this last year's complete and utter failure. Looking at the hens, I like variety. Thinking of some new Ameraucanas, since my two are not laying well at all, and possibly Barred Rocks, which I've never raised. I'd love another Speckled Sussex, if I can get my hands on one. I am thinking of not getting any more light colored hens - they have been so much more susceptible to predator problems, probably because they're so much easier to see when it's dark. Think chicken camouflage!

Ah, spring, ever so deceptively, is in the air. Every year I fall into the same trap - I smell spring in the air, my friends and I talk seeds, I get ready for baby chicks, and then.... it takes oh so long for spring to actually get here. As a sort of antidote, I splurged on a new XC skiing outfit, equipped to handle trail blazing in the woods. We'll see how long I'll get to use that.

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