Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the mend!

Today I feel rather clever and pleased with myself. I'd procrastinated fixing a leak in a kid's down jacket, because frankly, I didn't really know how to best do it. After they came home insanely muddy from preschool yesterday, the jacket was washed and screaming to be mended, but how?

I ended up ironing on a tiny patch of pale blue fabric using a bit of steam-a-seam, using just the tip of my iron. Functional, in that it will keep the small rip from getting bigger, and it will keep the down from spilling out, but I was disappointed because the patch was a little obvious. But then I remembered a packet of fabric markers and just gave it a shot to match the pattern of the jacket on the patch:

Zoom out for a sense of scale:


zoom out a bit more - not too obnoxious, now!

I know, it's just a little thing, but I'm pleased to have one more trick up my sleeve to make those kids' clothes last a little longer ...

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