Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inner Workings

I had a much anticipated meeting today with a few friends. As an engineer, I'm trained to learn or even design the inner workings of things. Stuff. But lately, I've become more interested in the inner workings of people, especially in relation to the environment and climate change.
This group will be exploring how to process, and help others process, the emotions that come up when we live in this world that sometimes falls just so short of our hopes for the future. Sorrow and song, grief and joy. It's hard to separate the two, even on a day like today.

Happy! Wild skating on pristine ice, well cared for by some unknown kindred spirits.
Perfect conditions for a wild ice skate, yes. Kids who choose the 'nature rink' over the more populated artificial structure in the middle of town, because 'nature makes us happier'. But also knowing that those conditions won't last, even though it is January in New England. It'll likely thaw and rain tomorrow and into the weekend, crazy cycles we're seeing. It's hard for me to ski happy anymore, even as I spend the last few hours of the day breaking in my new cross country skis by lantern light with a friend.

I'll be a lazy blogger and let you continue reading Kaat's perspective, who is so much more eloquent and well read than me. It's good to have friends when you feel like you're living on the edge.

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