Thursday, January 9, 2014

A skate on the Wild Side

Well hello! I'm back from my holiday hiatus. In case you've missed me, I feel most honored and apologetic, in case you've never noticed, I feel relieved. Part of the reason for the hiatus is that I am really sensitive to seasonal changes in the light and as such, I get into a slump every year, just at the worst time, right before Christmas and the solstice.

Enter some decent snow, a few skiing excursions, and time off with the whole family, and I'm soo much better already. Only half an hour more light in the day, and I'm a different person altogether. In that spirit, I continue to try pretty hard to get the kids outside, if the weather allows at all. I worked on getting used XC ski gear for the whole family (check!), and started scoping out wild ice skating places earlier in the week when it was ridiculously cold. Success! We went for a test skate yesterday, and today after the oldest came home on the bus, went for the real deal. I dare say a grand time was had by all, including the 3-year-old babee, who apparently just needed a challenge. In the rink, she refused to skate on her own, but out in the wilderness, she discovered her wild side!

What a difference a day of reasonable winter weather makes! I do hope we get some more snow, but if not, I'll be happy as long as the ice stays safe....

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