Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hair Dare!

I found myself at the mall this weekend and finally worked up that magic combination of courage and opportunity to donate my hair. Well, 10 inches of it. My oldest decided to follow suit, and was able to donate 8 inches of million-dollar-blonde mane. 
Of course this now presents us with new-to-us styling challenges so I went out to buy hair spray. I just had to take a picture - seriously, the hair care aisle is not a safe place for children. 2 sexy! Kinky! No, that isn't my commentary, those are the names of the products. Not your mother's beach babe, no kidding.

I made home-made rosemary mint shampoo bars as an antidote, stat. I used less coconut milk and an infusion of homegrown rosemary and mint instead of the water. See how I splurged on a fancy new soap cutter, too? The result smells delicious and has the added advantage of being PG.

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