Thursday, March 20, 2014

Soap for the skills fair

My local Transition group is planning a skill fair for Earth Day this spring (May 4th! Come by if you're local!) and I will be contributing my soap making wisdom, and hopefully have some samples for people to try. 

I made two bars a few days ago, a rosemary shampoo bar and the lemony lather kitchen bar I use all the time. Two days ago I decided on a one-and-a-half size batch of the favorite honey oatmeal flower petal bar that is my own recipe. It is vegan and palm-oil free, and really gentle to use. Scaling up the recipe got me a much better block to slice into bars - the sizing worked out well. I used a cardboard shoe box lined with cling wrap for a mold, could that get any easier? 
The bar is scented with rose, a hint of lavender, orange and vanilla, and has added chamomille flowers and ground oats for a tiny bit of scrubbiness in the final bar, but mostly, because adding in that stuff is the most fun part of soap making. I tinted half of the batter pink with a too-dark-for-me shade of mineral blush that has a hint of mica sparkle. Sparkle never hurts, does it?

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