Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be a garden detective

I am itching to garden for real. So I'm planning, plotting and scheming madly. It is the perfect season for this - learn to read the pattern of the snow melting to tell where a garden will grow better! Look at this stark contrast: 

My new garden, started last year. You see the yellow bee hives in the back, they were first to be snow free.

My old garden, started several years ago 'in the back' where it wouldn't be aesthetically bothersome and in the way of children's play. Poor priorities! A solid foot of hard, frozen snow persists and will for weeks to come. We have lived a lot and learned a little since then.

 My bee-anniversary has just passed. On this 20-degree day, I can hardly imagine that I hived packages with my friend and bee mentor almost exactly a year ago. 

The site of my newest garden project: I want something 'out front'. For the many neighborhood children to enjoy, and for me to hang out while waiting for the bus and watching kids play in the driveway. A friend sent me this inspiration, now I just have to think more about deer control.

Signs of life: Strawberries awakening, parsley and swiss chard surviving and promising me a dinner of leafy greens sooner than it seems possible on this freezing cold day:

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