Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The light is gone! Let there be light!

Yes, yes, another cold front is upon us. The residual snow is plentiful but has turned into icy mess which is not fun to ski or walk on. That's the bad news. The good news, though, is that we're nearing the equinox at a quick clip and I decided to take the timed light out of the hen house. They weren't laying anyway, so why waste the electricity, right? I did leave the heat lamp, so they have water (neat, not on the rocks, just like their mama) to drink. They look so ratty and worn out after winter - yet I got two brown eggs this morning. Spring IS coming. Nature knows it. I see the outward signs in the form of buckets nailed to trees, and the spring lambs my two younger kids introduced me to today. They go to a nature/farm based preschool and always have the inside scoop. From them, I learned it's time to plant marigold seeds, should you be so lucky as to have a greenhouse. For us here, there will be a few more weeks of patience required before we get there. Soon enough a box of peeping baby chicks will arrive at the post office for our next big spring milestone, and we can't wait.

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