Monday, March 24, 2014

Will it be spring!

The kind of freezing cold day that feels warm anyway - the sun shining, not too windy, and the entire mood outside is becoming friendlier. More hospitable. The babee and I sowed some more - this time in gallon jugs outside, following this idea a friend shared. Of course I had no gallon jugs in the house, but on my trip to the town transfer station (oh! I owe you a post on the marvelous place our transfer station is. We call it 'the dump' but I have since learned that more creative people around us call it the 'town mall'.... oh the stories to be told one day), I got lucky. I ran into this unsuspecting citizen about to recycle a six pack of water jugs. He was only mildly disturbed by my accosting him and let me have his jugs without much ado. Maybe he's writing a blog about HIS adventures at the town mall just now? I will never know.

Back to the project - the handy husband sawed the jugs almost in half, leaving a hinge on one side. With a soldering iron, he put a few holes in the bottoms of the jugs for good drainage. We filled them with well-soaked potting soil and then added seeds. We sowed more broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, lettuce and a few flower seeds, and will compare the outcome with indoor seedlings as they all grow. What fun. The kids still run to the basement every day and record the day's progress in seedling growth.

I willed the laundry to dry on the line outside, too, first batch this year. The sublime happened and the laundry came in dry (if cold). Spring will be. Here. Everywhere. Soon.

Nimm gern mit


  1. Thank you very much for sharing this, Kath, I love the idea of the kids checking the progress every day. Cheers, Nina

  2. "Spring will be. Here. Everywhere. Soon."

    No it won't. Spring will never come again.

    1. I didn't mean to leave an anonymous comment! LOL! Katie in Littleton


    2. Do I need to come run with you? Are you possibly stuck in a funk???

    3. It's mostly that I just don't have time to breathe through this time of year. Jam packed weekends, and it would just be so much nicer if it were warmer!