Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's growing on?

Time for another photographic tour of the garden: 
The new everbearing strawberries are gearing up for a second wind and the cucumbers are growing not wildly, but give us one for a salad a day right now.

First butternut squash looking strong! This is my first time growing squash, I'm pretty pleased!

The regular yellow squash is looking better now, too. Still found one with blossom end rot, but this one is doing fine!

 I can't wait to taste the shiny climbing malabar spinach... maybe in another week?

More cherry tomatoes, but nothing red yet. I have some red plastic mulch (that plastic sheet stuff). Do you have experience with it? Does it work/help?

Flowers on the purple pole beans but nothing more yet... I added some extra strings to the trellis which they seem grateful for.

The snap peas with a backdrop of butterfly and hummingbird garden ... saw three hummers today! And my favorite daylilies are blooming now, too. Is it true that the flowers are edible?

Nasturtium, will grace our salads! And a rainbow of swiss chards.

I finally got this really clever chicken waterer. Should have switched sooner. The chickens love to play with them and they were cheap and work better than the regular kind!

The potatoes are starting to look kinda 'ripe' - should I test dig? 

Little patches of kale and chards in every corner.... and the raspberries are doing nicely this year!

This mysterious volunteer that is taking over the world back bean patch is making something. Opinions? Some kind of squash, or melon??? What do you think?

A visitor, we think a meadowhawk

And finally the star of the day: The first officially ripe blueberry!

http://www.anoregoncottage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/jtgpfinal.pngGreen Thumb Thursday Sunflower


  1. wait until they flower for the potatoes

    1. The flowers have come and gone on the potatoes... so that means I should dig, right?

  2. Everything looks great! Would love to hear more about that spinach - I'm going to have to go look through your blog to see a close up of your hives - I'm painting a fun hive right now and need some inspiration!