Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A (virtual) postcard from Cape Cod

We're on the road, our last day of a short Cape Cod camping trip. Our tent site is right on the waterfront of a glacial kettle pond, perfect for swimming. How much better does it get? Our family loves the ease of a camping trip - we have the supplies and equipment packed so that it takes an hour flat to pack. And off we are, immersed in nature, enjoying each other, swimming, hiking, bacon and real low-tech drip coffee for breakfast. And if you see a 7yo running around with a beer bottle in her hands, she's catching fireflies. No really, I promise! (They look cool blinking away inside the dark bottle).

Every time we're out on a nature walk, we learn something new. In this case, only I learned something new as my 7yo educated me against my fierce resistance on how a horseshoe crab's eyes work. Compound eyes. Fascinating stuff.

This pockmarked fellow was hollow inside, just a molt as the crab reinvented herself, growing older, wiser and bigger. Wouldn't you sometimes just love to shed your skin and start anew?

That is what vacations are for, rejuvenation, taking a step out of our routine of chores and work schedules. Rethinking a few things.... Which I am doing with the help of a great book called 'life is a verb' by Patti Digh. I think I'll review it in a little while, but first she gave me a lot of homework to do. So you'll have to excuse me while I do the hard work of relaxing, reflecting, reinventing, readjusting. And making more drip coffee ;)

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