Thursday, July 11, 2013

What is a Sacrifice Zone?

I recently read this article in a large mainstream newspaper detailing yet another perspective on the dangers of tar sand extraction and processing. I'm learning that, in order for us to get at the last possible source of oil, we're OK with declaring entire city blocks as 'sacrifice zones'. (I had to google the term to make sure I read that correctly). And while most of us worry about what he homeowner's association will say about a vegetable bed in the front yard, the backyards of others are turned into an irreparable toxic waste bin.

This piece of school work by my oldest makes me proud and sad at the same time.
And that is by far not the only thing wrong here, either. The dirty stuff travels to China, which buys it as a cheap source of fuel, and then we can continue to point fingers at the 'biggest polluter in the world'. Even though we raked in a nice profit by selling them a waste product that we would never allow to be burned in our own country.

I didn't ever really consider myself an activist for social justice. I wasn't even particularly interested in the problems, as they seemed so bottomless and difficult to address. But the more I read about the climate fight, and all that it will take for us to avoid frying this one wonderful planet to death, the more I'm realizing that it all boils down to the same goal. A sustainable life is only then sustainable if it's a stable, healthy situation for all participants.

"There is only one team and we're all on it" ~Nash Basom

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