Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Art of Gardening & Homesteading

My oldest daughter has the good fortune to attend summer camp at the DeCordova museum and sculpture park this week. I am barely able to conceal my jealousy as I drop her off to make leaf prints from homecooked ink (in a solar cooker!), and other amazing endeavors. On the upside, we parents were treated to a tour of the current exhibit WORK OUTside. It is so incredibly awesome! It's all about the things I love, except of course done in a more artistic, inspiring (even instigating! Seed bombing! Guerrilla Gardening!) way.

There are several interactive pieces to it, you can leave DIY instructions of your favorite projects for others, make your own workbook from a few projects to do at home, or plant the exhibit program that is printed on seed paper (carrots!). Here are some pictures (phone quality, sorry!), but do go and see for yourselves!

Blast a hole in a parking lot and plant a garden? Yes, please! What a statement!

My favorite installation was this room full of everything I love and want to play with all day: 

The description from the DeCordova website:

"Fritz Haeg’s Domestic Integrities explores the ways in which local resources are harvested and brought into the domestic interior landscape of the home. As part of the project, a circular, 19-foot wide wild garden will be created in the Museum parking lot. Plants and vegetables grown in the parking lot garden will be presented inside the adjacent gallery, The Square, on a hand-crocheted rug made of used and discarded textiles."

The spinning wheel was studied in detail by Babee and me, and we were much inspired by the incredibly thick and luscious braided rug. It would be so simple to make one, using up all our old T-shirts.... inspiration everywhere.

In the far corner is a kitchen-like workshop with food containers, canning stuff, etc.

I'm blown away and can't wait to visit many more times!

Little Homestead on the Hill

The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

  Green-Thumb-Thursday-Sunflower-300x300   Naturkinder_gruenzeug_gross

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