Thursday, July 25, 2013

squirreling (Ich sammle Farben fuer den Winter)

Today, we squirreled away a whole bunch of seeds for now (carrots, radishes, lettuce) and next year (tomatoes, flowers, radishes, peppers, melons). I've always had near 100% germination, even with year-old seeds, and I always have too many seedlings anyway, because I can never help myself with all that pent up gardening energy in March...

We met friends at a local farm, where the kids' program was cancelled due to inclement weather, so the kids spent the time squirreling wild blackberries and peach drops instead.

 I squirreled away the notion that organic peach trees appear possible around here, after all, and tasted the most delicious unripe peach I've ever crunched on. Maybe I'll shop around for some additions to the orchard?

Uh oh. I got as far as calling the number and learning that these are Nigerian Dwarf goats which seem to me the perfect breed: Small, and oh so cute, but good milk goats with a very rich milk that is apparently great for cheese making. And gentle, fun and great with kids, they're reported to be, too. Uh oh. I think I may have squirreled away another dream for the future, because making it a reality this year is unlikely. But I'll be happy to just have something to look forward to!

We squirreled away a treat of bakery cookies earlier today, to be shared with friends in the back of the van during the pouring rain that ended our stay at the farm. 

Today made me think of the children's book Frederick by Leo Lionni. Frederick is accused of slacking in his winter preparations by his fellow mice, when in fact he's preparing in a different way. He collects sun rays, colors and words, to be shared when the world outside would turn dreary and gray. Frederick is a poet and a dreamer.
I think Frederick is on to something: Yes, it's the season to put up the harvest. We can, freeze, dry and preserve. But there's more to it than that. I'm collecting everything I'm learning, but won't be able to put into action for another season. All those ideas I come across, I'll churn and mull them over. Collecting dreams, plans, inspiration. Putting up memories of summer, community, friendship.


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