Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's growing in the Garden?

I went away for three days, and what a difference three days can make in the garden! Here's what's growing...
 Three days of pea pods! And the first cherry tomatoes!

The purple pole beans are flowering - so pretty - and the climbing malabar spinach is finally climbing!

The first pickling cucumbers are ripening, and the purple passion orach is growing taller than the swiss chards ...

 The kids' flower corners are blooming and the raspberries are starting

The bee and butterfly garden grew gang busters but last year I had more variety. I'm learning which seeds take over!

We will hopefully have a handful of blackberries, but the bigger deal is getting the plants to re-grow...

The back bean patch is a jungle. There is a big pumpkin or something, that is slowly monopolizing all the growing space. What will it make? The blueberries are just teasing at this point!
The gooseberries and currant are ripe, and the kids are allowed to pick them. The small quantities make bird netting or preserving not worth the while.... next year!

 Shelling peas in limited quantities, never even make it into the house anyway.

In the herb garden, it's time for another 'hair cut' and yet another round of dehydrating, for use in tea, lotion, soap, etc. The lavender is blooming, I hope the plants make it through the winter and grow BIG! I have some grand plans for homemade lavender honey oatmeal soap ...

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  1. You have a wonderful variety of edibles growing in your garden! Our shell peas never make it in to our house either. I hope to plant quite a few more next year because they are a huge hit!

  2. Lavender honey oatmeal soap- wonderful!! Your garden is looking great and I'm excited to see more!

  3. Isn't amazing what can happen in a garden when you're not looking? Your space looks gorgeous! I love your flower patches! I keep trying to grow a little flower patch, but I think I've put it in the wrong spot...ah well!

  4. Great garden pix!
    Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope you can join us again today at: