Saturday, July 13, 2013

Puttering Perfectly

A photographic journal of what I consider the perfect Saturday afternoon. We've all been craving some 'just at home time', and I think we all got just what we needed. 

A trip to the town's transfer station (which reminds me to one day post a round-up of all of our finds...) for the husband, yielding some new-to-them treasures for the kids and new-to-us shelves for the ongoing basement project. A little hummingbird photography through his fancy new-to-him telescope. A little splitting wood for the winter. 

A little work on a reclaimed wood project for me. Isn't it pretty? (you'll read more about that soon!)

I foraged a bunch of staghorn sumac, which now is drying to become the perfect smoker fuel. Then, I finally got around to weeding the gardens, clean up the coop, and after this picture was taken, turn the compost. I also finally had time and eggs to make pickled eggs (more about that soon!), which I'm probably way too excited to try.

Dinner was an almost entirely home grown affair, as today marks the first day of the squash and potato harvests. The kids were very helpful and excited to dig up the purple, red and yellow potatoes.


Summertime! And the living is easy....

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